Mr. Anthony Maillis, principal of Ambergris Bahamas, has been active as an international ambergris merchant since his first personal discovery of ambergris on a remote island in the Bahamas in 2003. Since that time, Mr. Maillis has purchased and supplied many hundreds of pounds of ambergris from across the Islands of the Bahamas, the Caribbean region and around the globe. Ambergris Bahamas is one of the leading ambergris procurement and supply agencies in the western hemisphere and has competently and efficiently, sourced, purchased and supplied premium ambergris from hundred of finders to many end user clients from a multitude of nations.

A connoisseur of Ambergris himself, Mr. Maillis has spent many years dissecting, investigating and working with ambergris in many of his personal creations and commercial products. A truly unique and wondrous material, Mr. Maillis appreciates and admires every single piece of Ambergris he encounters.

From tinctures and resinoid to Fragrances and flavoring, Mr. Maillis is an avid crafter and artisan within the realms of ambergris. Utilizing his private collection of unique olfactory note pieces of ambergris, Mr. Maillis is a well rounded expert on what ambergris is to its fullest extent and how it is used in the many various forms and products throughout the marketplace.